How IT Recruitment Works

Every organisation, whether governmental, learning institution, nonprofit, business or corporation has sophisticated IT systems. You will find a central computer server as well as computers at every work station. Most organisations also have a wireless and hard-wired local area network. The network may also be set up in such a way that it supports an intercom system and VOIP calls among other things. Since these computer systems need to be properly maintained by professionals, each of these organisations requires IT professionals. While some of the functions can be outsourced, organizations that rely heavily on IT systems require an in-house IT expert. it recruitment agencies can help these organisations to find the right professionals to fill vacancies.

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Recruiting the Right IT Professionals

Large organisations and successful businesses usually outsource recruitment to recruitment companies that have the manpower, knowledge and resources needed to recruit the right professionals. The following are steps that are usually followed during the process of IT recruitment:

Job Advertisement

Whenever there is a job opening, recruitment agencies usually advertise the vacancy listing the job description and job requirements. Usually, there is a deadline for receiving applications. The advert can be placed on the website of the company, major newspapers and third party jobs websites. Such adverts usually attract thousands of applications. It is the job of recruitment agencies to vet all the applications received and invite a few suitable candidates to an interview.

Vetting of Candidates

Vetting usually starts with the checking of applications to ensure they contain all the required documents. Any application with documents missing is immediately set aside. The second step is the analysis of the documents, both professional and academic documents, to ensure that a candidate has met the minimum academic and professional requirements. If the preferred candidate must have a certain amount of experience, the experiences of the job applicants must be compared. The recruitment agency will also read the recommendation letters of the job applicants to find out what their previous employers have to say about their work ethic.

Shortlisting and Interview Process

Once qualified candidates have been identified, what follows is shortlisted. All the applicants who meet the minimum requirements are shortlisted and invited for interview. Obviously, there is a possibility that some of the shortlisted candidates may not show up for the interview for one reason or another. Those who show up for the interview will be judged on a variety of factors to ensure they possess the required IT knowledge, skills and experience needed to fill the IT vacancy sufficiently.

It is always a good idea to hire staff on probationary basis. The probation period will give the client time to assess the performance of the new employee. If they fail to discharge their duties accordingly, they can be let go without much legal problem during or at the end of the probation period. The IT recruitment agency may also negotiate the remuneration package with the successful candidate on behalf of the client. This helps to make things easier for the client.